The D

After getting over my initial annoyance at Jack Black, I’m starting to like Tenacious D. Their website is especially cool, with all the animated skull and dripping blood and flame GIFs. =)

3 thoughts on “The D

  1. Annoyed at Jack Black? How in the Hell can you be annoyed at Jack Black? He’s a comedic genius! Did you not see High Fidelity or T.D.’s show on HBO?

  2. I’ve been a D fan for sometime and have waited for a CD to come out. By the way, they are touring with Weezer and Jimmy Eat World. Should be an excellent show.
    I am Wonderboy. Are you Nasty Man?

  3. Yeah, he was funny in High Fidelity, but both times I’ve seen him on Conan, he was obnoxious. Still, the album is pretty good, possibly even worth buying.

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