I watched part of a great show on TLC last night called Hyperspace. It was hosted by Sam Neill (the guy from Jurassic Park), and it was one of the best shows about space I’ve ever seen. The graphics were just amazing, not necessarily because of their realism, but because they represented events that take place over long periods of time–such as the forming of a planet or galaxy–in such a way as to explain the processes better than words ever could.
I was too tired to stay up and watch much of it, but it’s on again Wednesday, three one-hour episodes. So I’ll definitely catch it then, along with Junkyard Wars, which I completely forgot about and missed the first two episodes of the new season.

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  1. You have no idea how mad I am that I don’t get TLC from the university.. I’d get digital cable but I’m poor. *sigh*

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