Monday already?

Today was so boring, I’m definitely ready for this weekend to be over. Last night, I drank a whole blenderful of lime daiquiri, and after that I had a few copper camels. I woke up in the middle of the night with a bad headache, and twice I got out of bed to drink some water because my mouth was so dry. When I finally rolled out of bed today around 11:30, my headache was gone, and there wasn’t much of a hangover.
I’m heading up to Provo for work tomorrow, and I think I’m going to scout some camping spots along the way for this weekend. Mike is almost for sure going with us this time, and I need to find a spot he can get his Integra to without any problems. I haven’t been able to fix the heater in the camper because the outside vent is rusted onto the combustion chamber, which I need to remove to clean the burner. If it gets cold wherever we end up camping, we’ll just be shit-outta-luck.
I guess I’ll bring the camera along with me tomorrow, ’cause the oak brush is probably turning colors in Spanish Fork Canyon. Besides, I usually see a lot of stupid shit when I’m traveling, but it’s not worth wasting film taking pictures of it.

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