The non-rechargeable battery that came with my camera finally died today. I’ve been putting off getting a rechargeable battery, but I just ordered one, along with an AC adapter and charger, and the kit cost me about $100 including shipping. So I’m into this camera about $600 now, but it’s still well worth it. =)
Looks like Mike isn’t going camping with us this weekend because his wife couldn’t get work off. He said she needs 3 weeks notice, even though he and I talked about going this exact weekend more than a month ago. I found a nice spot to camp that’s almost exactly half-way between my house and Jaysen’s, so we’ll both have to drive the same distance to get there. All the people that were camping in that area this weekend have cleared out, so we shouldn’t have any problems with that spot being taken, and I think Jay is going there Thursday anyway, so we should be good.

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