The camera got here less than an hour after that last post, and I’ve spent much of today playing with it. I put some new pictures up, and even a 360° QTVR movie of my front yard and neighborhood. The camera came with PhotoStitch, which aligns several pictures almost seamlessly and lets you save it as a QuickTime VR movie. On my first attempt, I only took 8 pictures, and I held the camera myself, and the software just coudn’t hack it all together. On my second attempt, I took 16 pictures, and used a tripod, so the movie I put here on my site is almost perfect. I just wish PhotoStitch let you loop the image back on itself, so you don’t have to scroll back the other way when you reach the end. One funny thing about it, two chicks were walking down the street when I was taking the picture facing north, and by the time I had taken several pictures and was facing south, they had walked past the house, so you can see them twice in the panorama.

4 thoughts on “W00T?

  1. Hahaha…well, since I took one photo at a time, I just waited ’til the street was clear. It probably took me more than 5 minutes to wait for traffic and pedestrians to get out of view.

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