Hooray for Boobies

I was flipping through the channels after the NASCAR race this evening (Tony Stewart won, damn straight!), and there was a show about cosmetic surgery on the Discovery Channel. They actually showed the procedure while some woman got breast implants–that was pretty cool to see on tv. =) The stupid thing was, though, that the woman already had nice breasts…it’s such a shame women are driven to do things like that. I just don’t see why things like that happen. I personally don’t think size matters one bit (well, unless they’re too big), and I don’t know any guys that feel any differently. Am I wrong?
Michael finally had a tooth break through today. It’s not very visible, because I think all his other front teeth are about ready to come through as well, and there’s not the tell-tale white spot and bulge, but you can definitely feel it just barely poking through the surface. Babies look so different with teeth, and I’m excited to see what he’ll look like when more of them start coming in.

From: Jacko [jacko@badassmofo.com]
Subject: boobies
I saw a show like that on MTV once, it was funny because they would show the boobies whenever it was “medical” related, any other time they would blur them out. So, they would show the boobie while the doctor is marking the lines, evaluating, but when he turns around and she is putting her shirt back on they blur them out. I’m like WTF? You were just showing the boobies, now it is inappropriate? I’d bet that MTV had a panel to determine when the boobies could be shown, and when they could not. Had I been on that panel, the blurring guy could have gone home early.

Heh, that’s a good point. What’s more damaging to a child: seeing nudity, or seeing a human body being sliced into?

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Boobies

  1. I like the way the two topics of this post come together in the grand scheme of things. That being, both breasts and teeth are used for the feeding/eating process.
    Down with fake boobs.

  2. I agree with the breast thing. When they get too big it brings me down. I get all depressed when I see overly excessive breast. 😉
    BTW, congrats to michael. Nothing like a nice working tooth coming in. 🙂

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