I replaced the rear brake shoes on my truck Saturday, and everything went perfectly, except that I forgot to tighten the self-adjusting starwheel so the new shoes would seat against the drums. It’s no big deal, though, because it will adjust itself by one tooth on the starwheel every time I apply the brakes, and eventually they’ll both be working fine. Until then, my front brakes are doing most or all of the work.
Actually, something might be wrong with the left-rear brake, ’cause I heard some strange noises coming from there today. I decided that I’m going to buy a 2½-ton floor jack tomorrow so I can lift the truck easily to see what the problem is–I’m sick of crawling under the truck with a bottle jack, which is a hassle to raise and lower anyway. I’m certain that I reassembled everything the right way, but there were a few parts that looked worn on both brake assemblies, so maybe one of them broke under the pressure of thicker shoes.
I had forgotten that I can stream X96 now that I’ve got DSL, and it’s been working flawlessly all day (I wish I had remembered weeks ago). It doesn’t even cut-out when I’m downloading video clips or mp3s, and the quality is good.
My MicroDrive shipped on Friday and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, but it’s not going to do me any good because my camera didn’t ship until today, and probably won’t be here ’til Thursday or Friday.

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