Digital Camera

Well, I just ordered a Canon Powershot S10 and an IBM MicroDrive (340 MB). So hopefully by this time next week, I’ll be displaying a ridiculous number of stupid pictures on the site. =) The MicroDrive will hold the equivalent of 10 rolls of film (240 exposures total) at the absolute maximum quality, and about 127 rolls of film at the poorest quality, so it will be very nice not having to transfer pictures to the computer all the time in order to take more.

3 thoughts on “Digital Camera

  1. Ouch. 🙁 Maybe it’s something I can save up for.. *sigh* I guess I really AM a poor college student.. I’m going out w/ my roommate today to buy the cable light things for our room and some more posters and I feel like that is a big purchase. >:( I need more bling.

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