Ahh…fresh asphalt.

I ended up replacing my front brakes yesterday, but of course, something had to go terribly wrong…it was my fault this time, though. After I had gotten the left side completed and put back together, I started the engine and pumped the brakes a few times to get the pads seated against the rotor. Instead of the brake pedal getting harder to push, it got really spongy. I got out to see if the pads had seated yet, and I noticed brake fluid all over the place on the right side of the truck. Stupid me, I had taken the right caliper off to compare it to the left side, and I forgot to put it back on before pumping the brakes, so the piston came completely out of the caliper and all my fluid drained out of it. I had a big mess to clean up, plus I had to get the piston back into the caliper, which took me quite a while. And since my brake system had been opened up, I had to bleed the air out of the system before it would work properly again. Hopefully the rear brakes go a little better when I do them later this week.
I cut my left index finger pretty badly just a little bit ago. I was trying to feel how much air my CPU fan was moving, and I accidentally touched the fan. I instantly started bleeding, and it was running all down my finger. It hurt for a few seconds, then the tip of my finger went numb (and still is right now). I’ve just got a couple of band-aids on it, and I can still type well enough, at least until it starts hurting again.
We’re going camping this weekend, and it looks like Jaysen and his wife are coming, and possibly Mikey and his wife too. It should be good times. I actually hope I see a bear, or even better, a mountain lion, while I’m up there. I plan on doing some hiking away from the well-traveled routes, so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll see something.

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