Mr. Fix-it

I went to the hardware store today and bought new valves for the bathroom sink faucet, plus I got new steel-braid water lines and new shut-off valves. It took me about three hours to replace it all, which is way longer than it should have…I just had a lot of problems removing all the old stuff. At least the leaky faucet is fixed now–we haven’t had hot water in the sink for two weeks because I’ve been too lazy to fix it.
I also bought new brake pads and shoes for my truck, and I’m debating whether or not to start installing them today. I don’t think I’m going to go to work this week, so it wouldn’t hurt if I take my time and install them over the next couple of days. I definitely don’t think I can handle doing front and rear brakes in the same day. I’ve never done rear brakes without help before, so it should be loads of fun this time, especially since my truck’s rear brake assembly is much more complicated than most.

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