Asleep at the wheel

After working for five hours yesterday, I went to EBC in Orem to get my new computer parts. They ended up not having the motherboard in stock, so they called the Salt Lake store to make sure they had everything on my list, which they did. So I went back to work in Provo to call my wife and let her know I wasn’t going to be home for a very long time, then I headed north again to Salt Lake City. I got all my computer parts there after about a 15-minute wait. I was amazed at how small a socket A chip is…I was expecting something much bigger and thicker–after all, my PII cartridge is relatively large, and I’d never seen anybody with a computer as new as this. Anyway, I loaded all the stuff in my truck, but I had left my headlights and foglights on (which I almost always use when I drive), and the engine just barely turned over fast enough to start–phew!.
I filled up my front gas tank at the Maverik about a block away from EBC, where regular unleaded was $1.39/gallon, which is much cheaper than here in Price. On my way back into Utah County, traffic started getting heavy, but I eventually got to Springville where I was going to drop something off at my brother-in-law’s place (thanks Jaysen!), and about a block away from his house, I passed him going the other way. He saw me and turned around and followed me back to his place, where I used his phone to tell Traci I was on my way home.
I got home and the first thing I did was go to my mom’s to switch modems, but it turned out her modem was also ISA, so I was pretty much fucked. I switched modems anyway, since I was already at her house with my modem and driver disk, and her computer was already taken apart. After that, I went to Papa Murphy’s to get some pizza…it was almost 9:00 p.m., and I hadn’t eaten anything except a few sunflower seeds all day, so I ended up eating more than half of a large pizza.
After that, I got busy removing reusable parts from my old machine and putting my new machine together. God damn, that is a fast fucking machine! Photoshop 6 loads in literally 7 or 8 seconds. My somewhat old hard drive is noticeably slowing things down, so I’m going to get a 60 gig IBM drive after I get a digital camera. But for now I’m stuck using my old machine, which I had to put back together this morning before I could start work. As soon as I get DSL, I can use my new machine for work, since I have to have an internet connection to do my job.

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