Die die die

We were going to go camping this weekend, but my wife and I decided that we’ll be too busy to get the camper and all our shit ready by Friday, so we’re going next weekend instead. On my way home from work tomorrow, I’m going to take the dirt road turnoff at Soldier Summit that leads to the Uinta National Forest to look for a decent place to camp. That’s the same place we saw that bear last year, so I’m going to bring my shotgun next weekend just in case.
My in-laws are at it again. Saturday, my wife had gone with our son to her sister’s baby shower, and even though she had spent hours and hours helping her mom prepare for the shower, both her mom and sister were being ungrateful bitches simply because my wife had brought our son–they thought he was going to get in the way of Traci helping them out before the shower started, I guess. Somehow I got blamed for everything though…her mom and sister kept asking why I refused to watch Michael, even though Traci had explained that she would rather have Michael with her than have him stay home with me. Her sister even went so far as to call me a lazy-ass for not watching him, and that’s what really pissed me off. Anyway, my wife ended up calling me so I could come pick her and Michael up before the shower even started, and her sister and mom had to take care of everything else themselves.
I’m pretty angry because Traci told me that all her mom and sister have been doing the last few days is criticizing the way we raise our son and question the ways in which Traci chooses to spend her time (apparently they want her to do all their bidding rather than have a normal family life with her real family). I decided that it would be pointless for me to get involved, because it would just result in me getting really pissed off and probably physically harming somebody, so I’ll let my wife do whatever she wants, which means she’ll probably kiss and make-up within the next few days, and they will all forget that anything even happened. But I won’t forget, and now that I know how they really feel about me, even if they only talk about it behind my back, I will return the feeling right back in their faces.

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