My internet connection has been sucking a fat one lately. Last night, I tried to upload 40 megs of work files to my site so I could access them when I was in the office today, but I was getting like 0.6 K/sec. After leaving CuteFTP uploading all night, it had only done 19 megs by the time I was ready to leave for work. I ended up having to bring my hard drive into work today and copying the files directly from it.
Although my ISP advertises DSL on all their vehicles, they do not actually offer it, and they keep pushing back the date they plan on having it available. I seriously think it will be a very long time before they offer it, and when they do, I bet it’ll be very crappy.

4 thoughts on “Suck

  1. my isp is NetZero, who has gone from having a reasonable sized banner to a huge one that is permamnetly docked on the top, shrinking my new 19″ monitor and constantly popping up advertisments. to top it off, i can’t even use my e.mail smtp, so i can recieve mail, just not send it. oh ya, and it’s slow as hell. anyone want to GIVE me their isp account?

  2. Hey Nate at least Dennis maintains a site consistently. Only dumb asses like you take a site down for 6 months every 3 months to do a redesign. One that I am sure will be shitty at that. Go away and leave Dennis alone you friendless loser.

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