I found this article quite

I found this article quite amusing. It talks about why so many people dislike Jeff Gordon, and tries to explain it by suggesting that people are just jealous of his success and money. If that were the case, why is he the most disliked driver in NASCAR? Why did people like Dale Earnhardt so much, when he had so much more success and money than Jeff Gordon? I think it’s because Jeff Gordon simply has a dislikable personality. Truthfully, he’s one of the best drivers out there, but people don’t get sucked in to that “follow the leader mentality” like you often see in football and basketball, where many people like whoever happens to be winning at the time. Jeff Gordon is just a dork, and the majority of people realize that. Of course, I wouldn’t expect a journalist to say that publicly, so I understand why that article doesn’t come right out and say it. =)

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  1. let’s all ask ourselves a quick question: why does it even matter? why do debates concerning who is the most likable NASCRAP driver even take place?
    you are not friends with these individuals. you do not know any of them personally. you WATCH THEM DRIVE CARS HUNDREDS OF TIMES AROUND A TRACK OF GRADED CEMENT.
    hell, let’s all just realize a quick truism concerning racers: they’re all self-exalting assholes who do absolutely nothing to further the development of themselves or the collective human race (unless it gets them good PR)

  2. Yeah, they’re entirely different from all other professional sports personalities, who we all know are the most humble people and the greatest humanitarians in the world.

  3. I think Nate just enjoys arguing…regardless of the arguement, or the facts, or even what side he has to take to make it an arguement… I say we just ignore him. 🙂
    Anyway….I can’t speak for all sports fans, but I think the same thing carries over to other sports. Two of the best players in professional baseball and football are also two of the biggest jerks… (Well, at least one of the best, and one who is very good.) Shaq and John Rocker…

  4. nate’s first paragraph was right on… NASCAR is crap. NASCAR is white trash racing. NASCAR is gay. NASCAR is faggoty. NASCAR is homosexual. NASCAR sucks monkey butts. NASCAR is ass.
    formula 1 is the shit. your post would have been cool if you replaced jeff gordon with michael schumacher and dale earnhardt with ayrton senna. but it wasnt, it was about NASCAR, the white trash mullet racing league. how gay.

  5. Why do either of you assholes (nate and stoopid) bother reading my site? It’s obviously not because we share common interests, or that you are entertained by it. I mean, c’mon, you both disagree with any matter of opinion I write about. Get lost, bitches.

  6. i’m an asshole? a bitch? for expressing an opinion, no less. how utterly sad. you banned me for disagreeing with you. not for insulting you; not for being at all disingenuous; for expressing a view that contradicted your own. first amendment anyone?
    you know, last time i checked, this section was entitled “COMMENTS.” compliments? no, comments. would you like me to post my approval of EVERY FUCKING POST OF YOURS THAT I HAPPEN TO AGREE WITH? would that boost your self-esteem or make me a better person in your book? good lord.
    it makes you very much a moron to assume that i never agree with anything you ever post (“It’s obviously not because we share common interests, or that you are entertained by it”). JUST BECAUSE I HAVE AN OPPOSING VIEWPOINT CONCERNING A SELECT FEW OF THE POSTS ON YOUR PAGE DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM COMPLETELY ANTI-YOUR-PAGE. according to logic like yours, i should keep my mouth shut when i disagree while commenting positively on EVERY POST with which i happen to agree. see your problem?
    clear enough for you? will i have to say something like this again, or will you keep being an asshole because you lack the tact to deal with any oppositional viewpoints on your public forum?
    moving on…
    simply because i don’t mention other sports stars in my comment doesn’t mean that my assessment of NASCAR drivers doesn’t apply to them. seems kind of fucking IRRELEVANT, dennis, to bring that up in the first place…
    …unless of course, you’re trying to excuse the self-exultant behavior of NASCAR drivers by saying something to the effect of “oh, it’s okay because all these other guys do it.” that would be moral equivalency, a tactic used by morally lacking individuals (such as tyson). please tell me you haven’t sunk that low.

  7. I banned you because you come here solely to express negativity towards my views, to contradict what I say, and to be an asshole in general. I can’t possibly imagine that you visit my site because you like me or my writing.
    If it’s so wrong to be a self-exalting asshole who does absolutely nothing to further the development of yourself or the collective human race, then why do you even exist? Must one exist solely to better him/herself and others? If that’s the case, you’re wasting precious time arguing with me–you should be out saving the world.

  8. If you don’t like what you hear, you can move on to another site that might cater to your tastes more, Nate.

  9. don’t be a liar, dennis. i do not come here solely to be a pain in your ass. i comment when i disagree with you; sometimes even to agree with or compliment you (when you put up a new design, for example). the fact of the matter is that sugary, kiss-ass comments are not worth the effort that it requires to write them in the first place. discussions are started through disagreement, not wholehearted ideological uniformity.
    the simple fact that i barely ever leave comments on this site (usually only when i find myself in disagreement with you) is proof that i am not here to antagonize you. i thought i made that clear.
    my only point in making my first comment was that racers are all narcissistic entertainers. they are not role models or companions or friends. their personality is IRRELEVANT to their line of work, so why discuss it in the first place? i won’t get into a value discussion on this forum concerning the validity of their profession, but i will make the statement that all racers are from the same, self-centered, indulgent brood; the facades they use to cover this (what you might call their “personality”) should be irrelevant. their PERFORMANCE is what is key.
    i hope that refutes you as well, james, you fucking thief :P. i like the page; some of the viewpoints expressed on it are just flat-out retarded.

  10. So your point is that since all nascar drivers are assholes, that I shouldn’t talk about them on my site? “their personality is IRRELEVANT to their line of work, so why discuss it in the first place?” Sure sounds like that’s what you’re saying to me.
    Here’s the deal, Nate: I like nascar, and I post about it on my site. If you have a problem with what I post, tough shit. Don’t read my site then. When I post about something I like, and you leave a comment not disagreeing with me, but questioning my reasoning behind posting it, or whether or not I should even be talking about it, you can’t expect me not to take it personally, and I feel perfectly justified in banning you from leaving further comments.
    You’re free to disagree with me about whether or not Jeff Gordon is an unlikable asshole, but when you leave comments essentially saying that you don’t like the subject matter and that I shouldn’t even be talking about it, then it’s time for you to move on to some other site that caters more to your ideology.

  11. DENNIS! i’m really trying not to condescend you here, but, uh, what exactly did you score on the reading comp. section of your SAT?
    i said: “their personality is IRRELEVANT to their line of work, so why discuss it in the first place? i won’t get into a value discussion on this forum concerning the validity of their profession, but i will make the statement that all racers are from the same, self-centered, indulgent brood; the facades they use to cover this (what you might call their “personality”) should be irrelevant. their PERFORMANCE is what is key.
    you can talk about NASCAR all you want, and i wouldn’t give .0001 of a shit (please, please, please remember that sentence). PERFORMANCE is the key, though– not personality. i’m just astonished that people are actually concerned (or have DEBATES) about the way a racecar driver comes off to his fans. IT DOESN’T MATTER.
    how many times have you posted about your love for tony stewart and your hopes for his victory in the week’s upcoming race? have i ever once left a comment under a post like this? what does this tell us? I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM WITH NASCAR POSTS. i have a problem with NASCAR posts whose focus is on an irrelevant part of the competition.
    is this clear yet? i would be really annoyed if you missed the point once again.
    using your logic, btw, if you don’t like one NASCAR driver, you should just give up on the whole damn league. i have negative comments on about 1/200 of the posts you ever make here. should i stop reading because of this? i rest my case.
    learn to deal with opposing viewpoints. it’s not tactful to tell an opponent who respects you but happens to disagree with you on a select few points to just go away. it’s actually dumb to infer that this person hates your guts because of the rare conflicts, as well.

  12. So you’re saying that I can only talk about nascar drivers in relation to their performance, and not their personality? Who the fuck are you to tell me that my opinion doesn’t matter? It may not matter to you, but this is my site, and you are free to not read it. As usual, you have completely failed to make any kind of logical point–simply telling me over and over that my opinion doesn’t matter to you does not constitute a logical discussion, and is an argument I would expect from a five-year-old–and so I am finished arguing with you, once and for all.

  13. you are such a diversionist!
    if you think that is at all insulting or disingenuous, you’re obviously intimidated by opposing viewpoints even more easily than i had thought. DISAGREEMENT IS THE ESSENCE OF DISCUSSION/ARGUMENT.
    if you take my opinion that a driver’s personality should be irrelevant when considering their validity as a NASCAR driver as an INSULT, you need to grow up. quicklike.
    now *I* am done with you. your constant MISUNDERSTANDINGS and misconceptions make it totally impossible to ever conduct any kind of logical discussion with you.

  14. I keep hearing this rumor that Jeff Gordon’s marriage is just one of convenience and that the only reason that he is married is to hide the fact that he is gay. Any truth to this? Are there any other gay racing drivers? Dave

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