yee haw

Camping was hot. It didn’t help that we got there during the hottest part of the day, and I spent an hour getting camp set up in 100 degree temperatures. It was fun still, and I’m glad we went. I found out the fridge in the camper doesn’t work that well (maybe it was just the heat), and that a few other things can use fixing up before our three-day outing in a couple of weeks.
I still haven’t sold my car yet, so that pretty much sucks–the registration expired yesterday. I can’t park it on the street anymore, ’cause I don’t want the fucking PPD to make an easy $15 off me. If I don’t sell it soon, I’m gonna have to replace the windshield and get it registered, ’cause it’s worthless to me if I can’t get rid of it or drive it.

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