trailer trash

I just got done doing a lot of work on my camper. I vacuumed everything, then washed everything down with tons of soapy water. I made some makeshift steps out of cinderblocks and some particle board–they’ll have to do until I can either buy or build some sturdy steps. I spent a good deal of time yesterday making sure the fridge, stove, and heater all work, and tomorrow I gotta clean and fill the water tank and toilet, and make sure the water pump works. My wife is in the middle of re-upholstering all the seat cushions and making new curtains. Hopefully we’ll be all finished Friday, which is when we’re going camping. We chose a camping spot fairly close to town, since all we’re doing is making sure everything in the camper works during regular use. The instant I get back into town on Sunday and get all cleaned up, I’m going to Ty’s to borrow his tape of SG-1 season five episode one.
In about three weeks, my wife’s family reunion is coming up. After what happened last time, I’m either going to be anti-social and stay inside the camper the whole time reading a book, or I’ll spend the entire time away from camp riding my bike and fishing and hiking. I certainly don’t want to be around those people for three days straight.

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