5 thoughts on “ok this sucks

  1. Clearly, E/N is gasping it’s last breaths.
    It is over, kids, E/N as a culture has turned to shit, the cool people need to make their own secret culture, like the Stonemasons, and all the rest of the e/n flakes can be exiled. Then we can have fun again, maybe.

  2. yes, e/n is dead. mike (aka gyrate from gyrate.org (my hero)) was right. i was right too but he said it first. pooo.
    but if you care, you’re dumb.

  3. Damn, I just heard that The James was mailbombed by some ass-licker, so he’s prolly real pissed off at the world right now

  4. Tis true as I have heard from hell. I got about 4000 emails today all telling how I suck and my mom is good in bed.
    I’ll probably start again soon but without a comment system because people are just getting too stupid.

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