Damn Straight!

This is just amazing: A public library in Utah has refused to remove gay-themed books and a “gay and lesbian pride month” sign, even after several complaints by stupid Mormons. Normally, I would expect the local government to support such censorship, but a library official said, “We’re simply recognizing we have gay citizens. They pay taxes. We’re committed to serving them as we would any other part of the population.” This is a nearly unheard of stance in Utah, and I praise the library for saying “fuck you” to all the assholes who voiced complaints.
Oh, and you can’t tell me the little boy in the picture in that article is picketing of his own free will. I’m willing to bet he doesn’t really give a shit about the whole deal, but his dad made him stand there holding that sign. That’s what really makes me sick about this state–children are told what to believe starting from the time they’re able to understand human speech, and not given a choice in the matter. The LDS church baptizes children at age 8…way too young to make informed decisions about anything as important as which religion to choose, if any.

5 thoughts on “Damn Straight!

  1. I was raised up LDS. I’ve come to realize that the ones in Utah are some crazy mofos, and they take some stuff way out of proportions, they think they should live inside a shell and not allow their children to see anything, hear anything, realize ANYTHING besides their religion exists, and if they know it does, it’s evil. R movies are evil, music is evil (except classical, of course..), and any way of showing your individuality is shunned. I refuse to go to church with my parents for these reasons.
    At eight they scare the crap out of you with this baptizing junk. I guess it’s not as bad as Catholics, seeing as they do it before children can walk, talk, or show any type of real inteligence. Eight does seem young to me, but they call it “The Age Of Accountibility”. Supposedly, if you fuck up once and forget to repent, you’re screwed. There are teirs of heaven. Coffee isn’t allowed. Don’t kiss anyone until you’re 16….
    Some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever seen. I refuse to live under a tarp.

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  3. Oh, I see. Then exactly at WHAT age do you start teaching morals and values to children. Let them do whatever they want until they are 16 and then start. At least we take a stand. I hope you have no children. If so, I feel sorry for them.

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