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I just spent a couple of hours fixing up my news archives. I got all of 1998 and 1999’s archives prettied up…they were all just manually archived files anyway. The beginning of 2000 is manually archived as well, and another part is in News Publisher’s format, so I’ll have to do some text manipulation to separate all the posts and organize them in files by month. The last few months of 2000 and part of 2001 are in Blogger format, so those need even more work, since they’re categorized by week, and there’s much more extraneous code to sort through. I’ve really got my work cut out for me, but when I’m finished, it will have been worth it.
I also did a quick and simple layout for all the archives, and it should be easier to change layouts after I get all the different formats of archives standardized. I probably have several more hours of work before it’s all finished.

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