Book Readin'

I grew tired of reading Robert Jordan’s series recently–I’ve been a quarter of the way through The Path of Daggers for over a month now–so I decided to stop trying and read something else. I think I just didn’t want to read the final few books, only to re-read them when the final book of the series comes out to re-acquaint myself with the endless sub-plots and characters. I got Clive Cussler’s The Mediterranean Caper from the library today, a book which I’ve read once before, but don’t remember all that well.
A funny thing happened when I was at the library getting the book. The librarian said my library card had expired, and I had to fill out a new application and give her a photo I.D. I’ve had the same driver’s license since 1997, and though I’ve changed addresses twice since then, I didn’t want to pay the $20 to get a new one. The face of the license has my mom’s address, and the back of the license has my Springville address, but the address on file with the motor vehicles office is my current Price address. Anyhow, the librarian was a little overzealous in carrying out library policy: first she asked me if I was over 18 (like she wasn’t holding my driver’s license in her hand). C’mon, I rarely get carded when I buy alcohol or tobacco anymore. Then she insisted on calling motor vehicles to verify my address. I’d say she went a little too far in doing that, but I thought it was more funny than anything else.

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