For those of you who missed it, my site was fubar for part of yesterday and all of last night, but I think I’ve got everything restored now. Solo was installing some security patches to the server, and his backup didn’t restore, but he had warned me in advance so I did a backup, and I forgot to backup the /archives folder. Ty had my page cached on his home computer, so I was able to save all the posts except one, but all the comments are gone.
The poll isn’t working right now. I added a new question and removed the old one, and it says I’ve already voted. I might have to hose the entire poll and reinstall, ’cause deleting my cookie didn’t help.

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  1. about the poll, and I’m sure you’ve already done this, but if the poll has a file which it saves the results to, then ya gotsta clear out that file. :-

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