Last one…

I changed the oil in my truck today, but it took me way too long. Everything went smoothly (so I thought), and I finished and started the engine. I revved it up a bit, then shut it down and started to pick up all the oil bottles and stuff I had laying around the driveway. I looked under my truck, and there was a huge puddle of oil, and it was leaking out right at the oil filter. I thought maybe I had tightened the filter too much and twisted the rubber seal or something, so I backed it off and screwed it back on a little looser. I started the engine again, and oil just gushed out again. I really didn’t want to remove the oil filter and let oil drain out of my engine, but I didn’t have a choice. When I got it off, an o-ring seal fell off, and I thought it was the seal from the new oil filter, but it turned out to be the seal from the old filter. It had stuck to the engine, and when I screwed the new filter on, it crimped and let oil out. I had to add another quart to make up for what had drained out, but it ended up taking me an hour to do the whole thing. 🙁
I also rotated the tires on my truck today…for some reason that I can’t fathom, the rear tires were getting worn much faster than the front. =)

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