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It sure was a nice day today (weather-wise). I went target shooting with Ty and a teacher from the high school, and even though there was plenty of snow where we went, I left my coat at home and didn’t freeze my ass off. I was half afraid that I’d get my truck stuck, but I managed ok. I got a little sunburned too, but I had a lot of fun.
My wife and I have been adventurous the past couple days: we made 5½ batches of chex-mix yesterday (4 whole boxes of cereal), and today we made hard-candy suckers. Heh, and I wonder why I’ve been getting such a gut…it’s definitely not just the beer. =)
This weekend just flew by. Friday, I worked in the office for six hours, then went shopping for several more hours (plus three hours of drive-time), so by the time I got home I was tired, and I just crashed on the couch and read my book (Robert Jordan, Lord of Chaos) for the rest of the evening. I did a lot of reading yesterday too, and spent a few hours at Ty’s house watching a movie and just bullshitting. I was going to spend a lot of time sanding all the hard-wood in the baby’s room, but the lacquer really gummed up the sandpaper on both the belt-sander and the sanding blocks, so I decided I’m going to use lacquer thinner to strip everything before trying to sand again. Even with as close as it is ’til my son comes, I’m still finding reasons to procrastinate. =)
And one last thing, Russ got a new layout up over at The Funhouse, so I told him I’d give him a plug. Word.

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