I saw Fuel perform on Leno last week, and though I’d heard one of their songs before, I didn’t think they were all that great. But they were badass on Leno, and I forgot all about how cool they were ’til I heard that same song on the radio when I was up in Provo on Friday. So I decided I’m finally sick of not having any radio stations here in Price (well, except country, which doesn’t count much as music) to hear new music from, so I started downloading shitloads of mp3s. It’s sure hard to get shitloads when you’re on a 28.8 dialup, and I don’t think I’m quite up to a full shitload yet (6 songs so far today, pretty sad), but I have enough Fuel that I think I wanna buy the album.
I washed my car tonight, ’cause it was getting hard to see out the windows for all the dirt. I just hope I can get into the car at 6:00 tomorrow morning for work, but I really think it might be frozen shut. The walls at the car wash had ice all over them, and there was a sheet of ice on the car when I got home.

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