After several days of looking for the manual to my printer, I finally got the bright idea to check HP’s site to see if I could figure out what is wrong with my printer. I’ve got a DeskJet 694C, which came with one black and one color ink cartridge. As of late, my color cartridge has been printing mostly in pink, so I figured it was time to replace it, so I threw it away. My black cartridge was printing strangely too, but it still had some ink left, so I was just gonna use it ’til I could replace both of them. The first time I tried to print something after getting rid of the color cartridge, the paper feed light just blinked, and it wouldn’t print. I made sure the black cartridge was installed properly, and checked to make sure nothing was broken, but it still wouldn’t print, or even suck in a piece of paper.
It turns out the geniuses at HP require both the black and color cartridges to be installed for the printer to print anything, even plain black text. So I’ve got an almost empty black ink cartridge, and a brand-new color photo cartridge, but neither will work without the regular color cartridge.
I was going to print out an application for personalized license plates, but I’ll just have to go into the Motor Vehicles office tomorrow and pick one up there. I’m going to get “F34R M3” on the plates. Since I already have amateur radio plates on my truck, I’m gonna put the other plates on my car, which my wife primarily drives. And lemme tell you, if you see her driving, heed the warning on the license plate. More than likely she’ll run you over, or at least do some damage to your vehicle. =) She added to the already extensive damage to my car the other day by hitting a tall curb at the drive-through at the bank, scratching the hell out of one wheel cover.

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