I am getting so sick of driving to Provo. For more than 4 years, I’ve been making the drive about once a week. At first, I was going to college in Provo, so I drove to Price every weekend to see my girlfriend. After I got married, we drove home almost every weekend to see our families. And now that I live in Price, I drive to Provo once a week for work. Lately, I’ve been going up about twice a week, for work, doctor’s appointments, and just to hang out with friends. Tomorrow, I’ve got to go up for work, and I’m going to lunch with a friend, then my wife has a doctor’s appointment. It won’t be until March that I won’t have to go up for a while, ’cause the baby will be born, and I just plain refuse to go into the office to work for that entire month. Hell, if we stock up on diapers and baby formula, I might not have to leave the house for a month. =)
This weekend will probably be the only one in the next couple months that I don’t have major plans, so I am going to sit on my ass the entire weekend, watching football (go Raiders) and maybe doing some work around the house. It’s funny how much my definition of recreation has changed since getting married. It used to be that I had to get out of the house and do something on weekends to have fun, and now if I get even a few hours to myself and sit around doing nothing, I’m happy.

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