Top-Notch Web Design

I’d hate to see what would happen if I ever got the ambition to do web design for local companies. I could run circles around the local “professional” companies, and I still consider myself to be an amateur.
Here, take a look at this site. Notice the 400×400 pixel jpeg image, shrunk down to 150×150, weighing in at over 58K. With only 4 or 5 colors in that image, it could easily be under 2K as a gif. Oh, and I guess they’ve never heard of anti-aliasing. The site navigation is horrible, as well. If I’m checking the site to see what time a particular movie is playing, I have to click the link to each theater (three of which are in the same building) in order to find the movie. I guess they figure people go to the movies to enjoy the actual theater (sticky floors and all) rather than the film that’s playing there.
I guess I’m not knocking the site so much as I’m knocking the backwards-assed hick mentality of this town. People settle for shit like that, when there are probably a lot of teen computer geeks out there who could do a much better job for much less money, and all because they don’t have a business license or advertise on the crappy local TV station (that’s another rant in itself). Everything in this town is less than mediocre when compared to most other places.

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