META Expiration Tags Suck

I’m pretty drunk right now…but apparently not enough to mess up my user/pass for newspub. I’m listening to Tool’s Eulogy as I type this…gotta love those guys.
Anyhow, Zethon told me he got those cool AIM buddy icons from (too hard to make a link for), but I’m too messed up to find ’em. Anybody know the exact URL?
Also, Zeth and I were talking about how cool it would be to travel cross-country and stay at other people’s houses whom we know through the internet. I’d certainly let anybody who I link to (and probably more than just them) stay at my place for as long as they wished, if they were on the road. Not that I actually have enough money or time to do so, but it would definitely be fun.
Jeez, I hope I remember making this post tomorrow morning. Well, I’m off to watch U-571 at my mom’s on pay-per-view, so later. 🙂

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