Truck Problems

I’m having some minor problems with my truck. 🙁 The rear differential is leaking oil, and the front-end makes a lot of noise when the hubs are locked. I’m pretty sure the rear diff just needs a new pinion seal, which, from what my repair manual says, is going to be impossible to replace myself. The front-end problem could be almost anything, but I suspect it’s either the hubs themselves, or the driveline. There’s too much mud caked on everything for me to get a good look at it.
So it looks like I’ll be letting a mechanic ass-rape me in order to get it all fixed, ’cause I’ve never known a shop that doesn’t charge a thousand percent markup on parts and labor.
At least the truck is drivable, so I can put it off awhile longer.

4 thoughts on “Truck Problems

  1. my truck temperture gauge shows almost hot only when idle or off i changed the radiater ,water pump, thermastant, and it still shows warm could it be a cranked head or the internal gauge bad ?

  2. I have a 1999 v6 1500 short wheel base Dodge pickup. I have asked around and anyone I talk to tells me that this is a common problem with this type truck. In the winter the heater doesn’t want to blow out off the bottom register. In the summer, the cool air doesn’t want to blow out of the front registers. It seems to have a vacuum problem of some kind. When the motor gets under a strain, the air will switch from where is suppose to be blowing and start blowing out of the defrost registers. What can I so to correct the problem? Some say change out the switches on the dash. Others say it is a vacuum problem.

  3. Another good question. I would try the Dodge dealer first–they’ll replace everything under your dash, whether it needs it or not, and they might even fix the problem while they’re at it.

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