Strike Three

Here goes, another (and the final) strike for Nate. I once again gave him the opportunity to disprove me, and he totally skirted the issue. He doesn’t address any of the five points I made in my previous email to him. Here you go, read for yourself:

i don’t think i’ve ever attacked you personally, but hey, far be it for me to argue with whatever your mind is telling you… the attacks are in your head… you are no css god, and something as relatively simple as tagging a paragraph with line justification, though logically it should work, might not. move on… don’t whine.
netscape certainly doesn’t follow all standards. however, do you actually know what the standard applicable to this issue is? probably not, i would think.
i use NS 4.74, and the code i used (p {text-align:justify}) worked just fine- exactly as it was intended to. if it doesn’t work in higher versions, it’s obviously a programming bug, and has nothing to do with the standards noncompliance. report it to the company, get around it, whatever. don’t whine on your page about it…
if you’re using a lower version than 4.74, well, then the problem lies with you.
btw, though i never saw any URL from you, i’m sure that it did work in *my* version of netscape, if what you said is true.
as i saw in your comments section, anyone who disagrees with you is just a “fucking asshole”. please, dennis. get over yourself. you might have design talent, but you certainly are in no position to criticize a wonderful, mostly standards-compliant (moreso than IE at least) product like NS.
I urge you to post this letter. Let your fucking groupies defend you some more… I guess that’s how something works when you realize your only defense is calling me “fucking dense”.
btw, what riled me up in the first place was you threatening to ban all NS users from your page… what childishness…
Hope this helps! ;D

Just a few minutes after receiving that last email, I received another:

you’re right. your page doesn’t work….
looks perfect to me, and it’s just a copy-paste of your code…

Holy shit! How blatantly wrong could he be? Here is the document he claims to have copied and pasted. They look radically different to me. I even admitted in a previous comment that it works fine without the table surrounding the paragraph, and it works fine without all the rest of the CSS.
Anyhow, this is all over. I cannot continue to argue with somebody as irrational as Nate. I brought up five clear and concise issues that he is contesting, and asked him to disprove each of my points. He did not. This is over. Thankyouverymuch. Goodnight.

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