Jeez…I thought the fucknut had dropped this whole thing, but I was wrong. He doesn’t want hostility or animosity on his site, but it’s ok if he directs it elsewhere.
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no, you’re wrong.
i was just the bigger person in all of this.
(1) i created a page that demonstrated what i said and posted the URL.
(2) the comments needed cleaning. if you care at all about the history of my site, i’ve done likewise several times before, whenever the total reaches 1000. the timing was coincidental.
(3) i edited out the post because i don’t like hostility or animosity on my site. i regretted what i said.
the bottom line is that you don’t have enough HTML/programming/CSS knowledge to say whether or not netscape sucks. so what if you ran into a problem? you found an easy fix… probably easier than your initial attempt would have been.
the problem is in your head.

And my response:

God, you are fucking dense. I had already dropped the whole thing, as I assumed you had done the same. I am going to try to say this as simply as possible, so maybe you will understand.
(1) I used p {text-align: justify;} in my stylesheet.
(2) It did not work in Netscape.
(3) You all but called me a liar.
(4) I gave you the URL to the document that didn’t work, and begged you to point out the error of my ways.
(5) You still have not done so…instead, you continue to attack me personally, completely ignoring the issue at hand.
If you can refute any of the above statements, then this thing is over, and you are the victor. Rather than censoring myself and others, I have well-documented these facts on my site. You should know, you started this whole thing. I merely stated a fact, and you shoved your almighty opinion down my throat, without any knowledge of what you were talking about. Who the fuck are you to judge my HTML/CSS knowledge, especially when you have not even looked at my work?
The bottom line is that I know that the HTML document I wrote should work in Netscape, as it follows CSS standards. Netscape claims to support this standard. IT DOES NOT. Please disprove me.
The problem is with your ego.

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