I occasionally do some computer work (installing hardware & software and all that fun stuff) for my wife’s uncle (who owns a used car dealership), which I don’t mind ’cause he’s a cool guy…plus he pays well. But he referred me to somebody he knows at another local dealership, so I ended up doing some work for them and one other person they referred me to. At first, I was thinking, “Hell yeah…I can make some bank off this shiz.” But it got to the point where every fucking idiot with a computer (usually an old 486) was calling me, asking me to fix their obsolete equipment. And these people are so computer-illiterate, they have a very difficult time even explaining what’s wrong. I get stuff like, “It’s not working,” or, “It doesn’t do that thing it used to do anymore.”
So anyway, I’m not doing that shit anymore. I’m so happy that I have a job in which I do not deal with the public in any way.

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