With everybody going back to college (or going for the first time), it’s got me thinking about when I moved away for college. I had just completed 2 years at CEU, and I moved 75 miles away to Provo to attend UVSC.
I managed to fit all my belongings into my ’88 Ford Escort GT, even with my large speaker box in the back. My first day there (after unloading my car) was spent shopping. I bought towels, ’cause I didn’t have any of my own, and the necessary toiletries like soap and shampoo and all that schtuff.
School was ok, but I only managed to complete one semester before dropping out to start working at my job full-time. And I’m still at that job, over 3½ years later. I just recently found out that USU offers bachelor’s degrees through their extension at CEU, so I’m seriously considering getting a CS degree. Not that it would do me any good living in such a rural area, but if anything opens up around here, I’d be much better qualified than I am now.

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