Gun Control

Hahah…people in favor of strict gun control always crack me up. I’ve never heard a sound argument in favor of gun control, and this one is no exception:

Criminals account for a relatively small percentage of shooting incidents. Such incidents are much more frequently related to domestic quarrels, alcohol or other drug usage and, of course, childhood accidents.

Now, aren’t “shooting incidents” that involve “domestic quarrels, alcohol or other drug usage” considered criminal? If somebody is psychotic enough to go on a drunken rampage and shoot his/her spouse, I doubt gun control laws would stop it from happening. If nothing else, baseball bats are still legal.
I’m all for gun safety (trigger locks, etc.), but I think more strict control of who can possess firearms won’t help, because somebody who’s willing to attempt armed robbery or murder won’t hesitate to commit a lesser crime like illegally possessing a gun.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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