The Pain, The Pain!

I think I broke my hand a couple weeks ago, and it’s hurting now worse than it has in the last little while. I was riding my bike on a dirt road, and I was in the middle of a rut. The rut ended not too far ahead, so I started pedaling faster so I could do a jump out of it (like you would off a ramp). Well, I jumped out of it, but when I came down, my front tire was slightly sideways, and while trying to regain my balance after I landed, I started going sideways through the ruts on the road, so it bounced the hell out of me and then I went flying over the handlebars. I came down with one hand in front of me and did a faceplant. My hand got bent back the wrong way, and I thought I might have broken it, but eventually the pain subsided and it felt normal again. I just figured it was a sprain, and if it ever got worse, I would make a doctor’s appointment. Now it looks like I’ll have to go in for x-rays and all that fun stuff.
It’s been a long time since I last got bucked off a bicycle, so I felt like a stupid little kid when it happened. And I’ll bet I looked pretty stupid too…what I wouldn’t give to have the whole thing on videotape. 🙂 I’d definitely have to send it in to Bob Saget.

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