Damn Stupid-Ass Drivers

I just got back from getting a Dr. Pepper at Gas-N-Go, and I can’t believe how many dipshits I saw driving in that five minute period of time. First off, I pull out of my driveway and end up behind this old foreigner lady in a Geo Metro. She gets to the light at the end of the street and is making a right turn. The light was green, and she fucking stopped and was waiting for traffic going the opposite direction turning left! So I laid on my horn, and she looked in her rear-view, looked at the light, then went. I roasted my tires and stayed right on her ass going around the corner, and I think I scared her. She pulled over to the side of the road, then after I passed, got back in the lane right behind me.
Then two blocks later, I was approaching an intersection behind an old guy in a big-ass old Cadillac. The guy slowed way down at the intersection like he was going to stop, but there wasn’t a stop light or sign at that intersection. I got right up on his ass and laid on the horn, then he shoots through the intersection and makes a right turn into a car wash. It was like he was trying to make up his mind whether to wash his car or not, all the while obstructing traffic. I flew past him and laid on the horn, and he turned around and just stared at me like, “WTF is your problem?”
Ok, last one: after leaving Gas-N-Blow, I’m following this kid (musta been 16 or 17) in a brand new black F-150. There was a school bus stopped ahead with its red lights flashing and that little stop sign swung out. The dumbass in the Ford shot around the bus, and a cop was coming the opposite direction. I just laughed my ass off. 🙂 The kid pulled over before the cop could even flip a u-turn.

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