I just got back from bowling, and damn do I suck ass. My score? 49. Mikey got a 156 or something like that…what do you expect when he took a bowling class in college. Damnit, I knew I shoulda taken that instead of basket weaving!
I bought a new cd player for my truck and got everything installed today. I’ve installed so many stereos, I’m gettin’ to be a pro. It took me about 45 minutes to get it totally installed. My 12s sound like total shit, though. I don’t know if the box I built is just shitty or what, but the sound is extremely distorted. I’m embarassed to crank it up loud. I’m going to cut 2 port holes in the box and hope it does the trick, otherwise I’ll probably just end up buying a box. But I love that feeling of bass hittin’ you right in the back. It’s so much better than having a system in a car. 🙂

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