UHP at it Again

It looks like the Utah Highway Patrol is laughing in the face of the Utah Supreme Court. The court ruled that the UHP cannot conduct traffic checkpoints without a specific purpose, such as looking for a fugitive, or checking game during hunting season. The day after the ruling, the UHP conducted a checkpoint on Interstate 70. A motorist traveling through the checkpoint asked one of the officers if he had read the front page article abour the court ruling in the Salt Lake Tribune, and the little piggy laughed and said “Sure,” then pointed to a copy of the paper sitting on the hood of his cruiser.
What a jackass. The cops around here are all like that. They know they’re assholes, and they enjoy it. I personally think it’s part of their job requirements to act like that. God knows I’ve been pulled over enough times to have experienced it first-hand. 🙂
Source: Ganked from the Salt Lake Tribune

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