Drunk Drivin'

This couldn’t be more true:

Rather than take [drunk driving] offenders off the road, Utah has traveled a path of penalizing the businesses that served the alcohol which got them drunk. Try passing similar laws for hand-gun deaths and Utah legislators would pee themselves

How fucking stupid is that? I know a few people personally who have gotten DUI (or DWI or whatever) tickets, but nothing much really happened to them. A relatively small fine and higher insurance rates are about all you get for DUI offenses here. And the state tries to impose penalties upon bar owners for actually supplying the alcohol. It’s totally jacked up.
The same goes for states suing gun makers for the deaths of shooting victims. And states suing cigarette manufacturers for medical costs related to smoking. When will these lawsuit-happy people learn that each individual person should take responsibility for his/her stupidity? I just hope I’m never the target of one of these frivolous lawsuits…
Source: AveNews

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