Or is that supposed to be “fire?” Anyway, I’ve been checking out Schlyer’s site, Absurdities Observed, and I am starting to love it (it’s now in the left links column). 🙂 It’s better than your average e/n site (if you would even classify it as such), but it’s smarter than the average bear (heh, I said “bear”). He and his staff speak about interesting issues, and usually important ones, and give readers a more intellectual view of current events. It’s a lot better than crap like the “You won’t believe what happened at school today” stuff you see on many sites (wait, my site isn’t as bad as all those, is it?).
He linked to this article about polygamy in Utah, which I read last week in the Salt Lake Weekly (which, btw, is a must-read for non-Mormon Utahns because it covers news from your point of view). I also saw the special on A&E, which the article’s writer did some research for. It made me cringe to know how many crazies there are just over the mountains from where I live. It’s like finding out you live two doors down from the Heaven’s Gate cult. And it really is that serious. Here is their website (the crazies’, that is), decide for yourself. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any information on their site except for a bunch of scripture quotes, but you still get the idea they’re a bunch of crazies. I almost wish I didn’t know they were there. 🙂

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