Utah's Whitey Politicians

I was checkin’ out the Salt Lake Tribune and ran across this article about a dumbass Utah Representative, David Zolman, who is demanding a public apology to polygamist communities who were raided by the po’ po’ several decades ago. He also tried removing the ban on polygamy from Utah’s constitution. In March, Zolman said, “I don’t want to legalize polygamy but I want polygamists in the mainstream. They need to become part of what makes Utah great.” Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but does anybody think polygamy could be a part of what makes their state great? What a joke.
In another story, Utah County Commissioner David Gardner was let off the hook for his recent DUI (or DWI) charge. The article explains that Gardner first said he had two ounces of vodka with his lunch, then later changed his story and claims to have taken a swig of vodka from the cup of a hitchhiker whom he had picked up. Police say he lost control of his car, swerved off the road, and ruptured his gas tank, causing a brush fire. Gardner claims that he saw a brush fire and tried to use his car as a firebreak. I don’t know of anyone stupid enough to take a drink out of a hitchhiker’s cup, and who on earth would use their car as a firebreak?! They oughta just give this guy the electric chair for being such a jackass.

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