Looks like some kickass movies will be coming out soon. Sharkey pointed out the sequel to Friday, called Next Friday. The first time I saw Friday, me and a bunch of friends (many of whom were under the influence) had rented it and laughed the whole way through, so we just had to watch it again. I hope Next Friday is the same way, but who knows how it will be without Chris Tucker.
End of Days looks pretty good, too. It’s been a while since Arnold has been in a good action flick. I think it went all downhill since Last Action Hero.
And finally, Dogma is the latest from Kevin Smith, and I haven’t seen a Kevin Smith film that I didn’t love. Jay and Silent Bob are funny as hell, and with Alanis Morissette as god, who couldn’t like this movie? I think this will be the best comedy of the year.

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