Toys 'R' Us Website Down went down (and is still down now) today because of extremely heavy traffic (story). I actually thought about doing a lot of Christmas shopping online this year, but I would have gone to (which is also extremely busy right now) instead of Toys ‘R’ Us, though I guess both probably carry the same merchandise. I decided against online shopping just so I wouldn’t rack up too much debt on my credit card. I tend to forget about credit card purchases and spend more cash than I would normally.
By the way, I was checking out some toys online today and couldn’t believe the astronomical prices they’re charging for Legos. I used to have a ton of Legos when I was a kid, and I wish I hadn’t given them to my little sister, who lost all of them. Anyway, it seems like anything with more than 20 pieces costs over $30. They do have a lot of cheap sets, but you can only build one or two stupid things with them.

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