Changed My Mind

I changed my mind about putting my page up at this address. I decided I totally hated the new layout I recently did, so I created a new one, and I really like this one (I’m still not sure about the logo thing, though). Anyway, I removed the main page and replaced it with the news page, which I do plan on updating frequently. I also got rid of the links page and put all the links on the left side.
I’m still not sure what I’m going to use to fill the void at the top of this page. Maybe a real logo…who knows?
I found a feature in EditPad that I never saw before. You can replace any text string with another in all open documents at once! That’s why I decided to put my page up here…I had to modify where each page looked for my SSI includes, and I did it for all 58 html documents on this site in about 1 minute.
The only things I have left to do in order to be satisfied with the site now is add something to the top to fill all that blank space, then come up with a better way to present this news stuff…all these horizontal rules make reading a little difficult.

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