Dumb Guys in Caves, Tonight on FOX!

Well, some 17-year old boys got themselves stuck in Nutty Putty Cave yesterday. I’m not exactly sure how they managed that, but it’s pretty sad. The part they got stuck in is called the Birth Canal, and for good reason. When I went through it, I had to put my arms out in front of me and just pull with my fingers and push with my toes…I was moving about a foot per minute. It took me about 5 minutes to get through the very narrow part, but after that it got a lot easier. I weigh about 170 lbs, and when they showed these kids on the news, they looked to be a little smaller than I am. In fact, there were people bigger than me who went through ahead of me last time I was there.
I took some pictures last Saturday of some of my friends going into the Birth Canal…I’ll have to get them developed fast and scan them in. I still have a roll of film from a trip to the cave in March that I haven’t developed.
I plan on keeping this page up-to-date from now until AirSwitch gets my web space set up, so if you’re waiting for my page to come back up, check here often.

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