Al Gore

Oh boy, Al Gore’s at it again. This time he chaired a commission which recommended to the FAA that all airlines should be required to use an ultra-top-secret algorithm to screen passengers. Here’s an excerpt from the Wired article:

Airlines will use a secret algorithm to compare travelers’ personal data to profiles of likely terrorists, according to a new proposed federal regulation. Other travelers will be chosen at random.

Passengers who meet the secret criteria will have their baggage checked even more carefully. I guess an x-ray isn’t sufficient anymore, and the government needs to keep personal data profiles of all airline travelers. Sounds like Big Bro’s handiwork to me. 🙂
The Wal-Mart in my area already has similar security measures in place, though their “algorithm” isn’t so secret: any male wearing baggy pants and earrings must be stopped and asked to present his receipt for goods purchased. Those bastards have stopped me 3 times and asked to see my receipt. The last time it happened, I said, “No, you may not,” and walked out of the store. The guy threatened to call security on me. My wife turned around and told him that we’d been stopped several times before and he had no reason to stop us, so he just let us go. Heh…what a pansy.

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