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Following in the footsteps of “Mr. Ty,” I’ve chosen a name for my page. Having a real name looks more professional than something like “Dennis Udink’s Page,” don’t you think? πŸ™‚ Despite the new name, I’m not just going cite news articles I read and say “WTF’s up with that?” like some other similar sites, although I will probably be ranting a lot about stuff I read or hear. πŸ™‚
Besides the new name and look, I have made a few other changes to this site. All “news” will be on the main page, rather than on a separate page. The news will no longer be such a personal “diary,” such as it has been lately (hey, so I’m not that talented!) πŸ™‚ Also, there is no menu frame; instead, there’s just a column on the left with those cool little mouseover things everybody loves.
I’ve also made this page more Netscape friendly. It does make more work for me, but at least everybody can enjoy what little there is to be enjoyed here.
I followed the link Brad put on Ty’s page to Seanbaby’s page and was blown away by how funny it was! This guy’s combination of comic genius and too much time on his hands makes for an extremely hilarious site. I read it for several (as in 8 or so) hours yesterday, and never got bored of it. There’s so much to read, and if you’re about my age (22), you can probably relate to it well. It’s a must see! (Disclaimer: If you are offended by orange hair, homosexual rodeos, or fat, Canadian, Jesus-freak puppeteers, don’t visit this page.)

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