You know, it’s pretty sad…I’m 22 years old and have never voted in an election. But the 2000 presidential election is enough to bring me to the voting booth. We finally have a candidate who will work for us, and who can relate to today’s younger generation. That’s right, it’s Al Gore, the man who single-handedly took the initiative to create the internet! Just think, without him, you wouldn’t be reading this now! You wouldn’t have several gigs of mp3s on your hard drive, or all that software you pirated, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to fool those women in the “lesbian lovers” chat room into believing you’re a lesbian lover yourself! In fact, you’d probably be on some BBS now playing the Legend of Red Dragon or some other such ansi game. It’s just too bad Dan Quayle isn’t available as his running mate, but nontheless, he has my vote! 🙂
Ok, seriously, I’ve been thinking today about just scrapping the layout I’m using for my page and starting from scratch. I want something professional-looking, yet still really cool (at least *I* think it’s cool). But it may take a while to get it all together, and I won’t publish a half-finished site, so it may be a while before I really do anything with it. Or maybe if I procrastinate long enough, I’ll forget about it and leave things as they are for a while longer. Who knows…
I got my Heep back today. It works great now, but I still need to do a few things before I’ll be really happy with it. First of all, it needs a bath really bad. We got the interior filthy on the return trip from the cave last Saturday, the outside isn’t much prettier, and the engine is covered with about 1/4 inch of grease and dirt. Also, the steering wheel has way too much free play in it…you can turn it about 4 inches either direction before the wheels even turn…it makes for a very unsafe vehicle, especially when I’m doing 80 mph down the freeway. Plus, the engine is hard to start when it’s cold and even doesn’t run too great when hot (which I’m pretty sure is just the timing). As soon as these things are remedied, I’ll be satisfied with my Heep.

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