Oh boy, what a day it has been. My wife came to my work when I got off so I could follow her to a muffler shop to get a performance exhaust system put on her truck, and they said they couldn’t get it in until tomorrow. So we were on our way home, her in her Toyota and me in my Jeep. (BTW, the roads were really snowy and icy; it had been snowing all day.) She got a little bit ahead of me and topped a hill so I couldn’t see her anymore. When I came over the hill, traffic was scrambling like mad to get off the road. People were pulling over and stopping, and I had no idea what the hell was happening. As I drove a little bit further and slowed down, I realized my wife wasn’t in front of me anymore. Then I started freaking out. I pulled over and looked down off the 40 foot embankment off the side of the road and saw her truck down there, all smashed up. Then I really started freaking out. I jumped down the embankment and ran to the truck. The passenger-side door was open, but she wasn’t in the truck. I thought she had been ejected, then I heard her yelling and looked up the embankment her truck had just rolled down. She had gotten out of the passenger-side door because her door was smashed shut. She then ran up the embankment to see if I had seen what happened or if I missed it and drove past (which was entirely possible since I couldn’t see down the embankment ’til I had pulled over.)
Anyway, she was ok except for a little bump on her head (thank goodness she was wearing her seat belt!) So the truck’s totaled now, and we get to go shopping for a new one soon. It’s too bad, too, because I really liked that little truck.
I took plenty of pictures of the hill she rolled down and of the truck after they had towed it to the wrecking yard, so I’ll post ’em soon on my pictures page.

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