Well, the cave trip was a bust. Out of the seven people from Price who were going to go, only two ended up being able to, only they didn’t have a ride. Pretty much everyone else had to work or had some other reason they couldn’t make it. I decided it wasn’t worth going with only 2 other people. I guess I’ll have to plan it farther in advance next time.
I’m going to San Francisco on February 21st for work, then I have a training conference at the Salt Lake Hilton on March 1st and 2nd, at which I’ll be teaching attorneys how to use HotDocs, the software my company develops…anyway, I’ll be preparing for both of those events the preceeding weekends. I think Jorge will be in Norway on the weekend of March 6th, and my brother-in-law, Jaysen, is getting married on the 12th, so I guess I can scrap all those weekends. Maybe March 20th will work…I’ll have to check with everyone and find out if it’s do-able.
My insurance company is pretty sure they’re gonna total my wife’s truck, rather than repairing it, but I have arranged to buy it from them for what they would get out of it at a salvage yard. (How ridiculous, buying a vehicle I already own…) But it will be worth it to be able to keep the brand new rims and tires I had put on it, and I can use it for parts for the next Toyota pickup I buy for my wife. We can’t buy another one until the insurance company cuts us a check for the wrecked truck and we pay the loan off. Then we’ll have to take out another loan for the new truck. That’s pretty funny…three auto loans in one month’s time. 🙂
I started using a new text editor to edit my HTML pages because this damn file is getting too big to use in NotePad (or something). I kept getting an error message saying something like ‘not enough memory to complete the operation’ or something like that. The filesize is about 29K, which NotePad should be able to handle…anyway the new one I’m using is called EditPad. The website for it is kinda lame, but the program is really nice. It allows multiple files to be edited at once, and allows you to change your background/text colors in the editor window. I would normally use WordPad, but every time I save a file, it asks me what file format I want to save it in (doc/rtf/txt), which is really annoying. has tons of text editors, but this is the first one I found that works the way I want it to, and it’s free…sort of. It’s “postcard-ware,” which I first heard of today. You just send the author a postcard to continue using it after a trial period (though there is no cripple or program expiration). I might actually send him a postcard just for fun. 🙂
I have some pretty nice Pioneer 2-way 5X7″ speakers that I was going to put in my Jeep this weekend, but when I took the dash apart to install my CD player, I found out it’s nearly impossible to replace the in-dash speakers (and I don’t even know if they’ll fit…I think it has 4X6″s in it now). I would have to remove the entire dash, and take the hard top off and fold the windshield down in order to gain access to the speakers. So I said piss on it and decided I could do it in the summer when it’s not so damn cold outside and I’ll have the top off anyway. I also need to build a new box for my 12″ subs. The box I had in my Escort for sure won’t fit in the tiny space behind the rear seat in my Jeep.
I found out that my ISP keeps logs of all the hits to my site, but they don’t allow me direct access to them. I was going to write a Perl script to parse them and output them in HTML, but now I can’t do that. But they do automatically email my site logs to me every day at midnight, so I can still see who is seeing my site and how they got here. Most people (besides my friends) get here by searching for stuff about Nutty Putty Cave, but yesterday one guy used the search string “kidnap her party pictures” and stumbled upon my old news page. Just thought that was pretty funny… 🙂
Been thinking about buying the new Fatboy Slim album, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby. I’ve never heard anything from him but cool stuff, plus, with a video which shows stuff blowing up, how can I go wrong? 🙂 If you own or have heard the whole album, let me know how you liked it.
Don’t miss BIOrythm on MTV this Tuesday (2/16) at 8:30 p.m. mountain time. They’re doing a biography of Brad Nowell, the late-ex-vocalist of Sublime. Which reminds me, the Long Beach Dub All-Stars are playing in Park City this Friday (2/19) at Harry O’s. I’d go, but it’s a 21+ show, and my wife’s only 20. But this is the third show they’ve played in Utah in the past year, so I’m sure they’ll be back soon.
Damn, I’m long-winded tonight. I guess that sorta makes up for the lack of updates I’ve done in the past couple of months. Maybe after things at work settle down (when I’m not so busy), I’ll have more time to relax and play around with this page some more. When I work a really hard day, all I want to do when I get home is rest, and I hardly ever feel like getting on the ‘net much anymore…
And remember… “Who’s the man with the master plan…?”

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